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In 2015, during my explorations through Central America, I had an encounter that actioned my passion for mosaics. In Honduras, I stumbled upon a mesmerising hotel covered with vibrant mosaics. The artistic beauty of those captivating pieces, composed of coloured glass, inspired me to embark on my own mosaic journey.


What began as a hobby quickly transformed into my life's calling. Eager to expand my artistic skills, I delved into numerous courses and pursued self-study, constantly seeking fresh ideas to enhance my craft. Over time, I had the privilege of creating commissioned works for a diverse range of clients. Collaborating with fellow mosaic artists, I contributed to the creation of expansive public installations, gracing schools, parks, train stations, and even participating in restoring old worn mosaics.


From my initial venture, adorning a rocking chair with carefully placed glass pieces, I have since embarked on over 50 mosaic projects, each one a unique expression of artistry. Spanning a broad spectrum of styles and materials, my portfolio boasts portraits, abstract pieces, modern designs, and traditional mosaics. However, I remain ever-curious and open to exploring new techniques, textures, and styles, continuously pushing the boundaries of my creativity.

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