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The start of my mosaic journey 2015

For those of you who know me and have been following my journey, you will know that my first-ever project was my rocking chair, handed down to me by my late Nanny Joan.

The chair was an old wooden rocking chair, an antique some might say, and I had visions of transforming it into a bright, sparkly piece, covered in bling and mirrors.

The first thing I needed to do was find a class to learn mosaic, and it wasn’t that easy, to be fair! I’m not too sure how I found the class, to be honest, but I managed to find one in Bethnal Green that ran every Tuesday evening. So, I signed myself up!

The class had everything I needed: tools, tiles, bases, and a good, fun group of ladies and occasionally a man or two. It took place in the crypt of a church, giving it a very cool, creepy feeling.

Before attending my first class, I went out of my way to find specific tiles online, as I wanted to use a certain array of glittery red, purple, black, and mirror. I ordered a whole bunch, and they were not cheap!

Over the next 1.5 years, I attended the class whenever time allowed. Life was busy; I was working a full-time office banking job that I hated. I was unhappy and unmotivated, but I pushed myself to go to the class and got lost in mosaic. I found it cleared my mind and the day's stresses, allowing me to get lost in the moment and in the chatter of the other mosaic enthusiasts in the class.

Every time I went, I had to make these strips of mosaic in a crazy paving style on mesh. To be honest, it was a bit of a mundane project as I did the same thing every time I attended, but even so, during my time working on the mosaic, I thought of nothing else. My mind was calm! The usual chitter-chatter in my head was silenced for once.

As my office job got harder, my project slowed down. I slipped into a state of depression and found it hard to attend the classes as I had no motivation to do anything.

After 1.5 years, I eventually finished making these mosaic strips. There were loads! I had to finish the rest of the project at home as there was no way I could drag the chair into the mosaic studio. Around the same time I was working on the final touches of the chair, my nana was admitted to hospital; she wasn’t well.

I transported all my strips back to my flat and then sanded the whole chair down, ready for sticking. It turns out the glue I bought was the wrong glue, but I didn’t learn this until years later when some of my tiles started falling off the chair. I had used foaming glue, which, trust me, is not the right glue. But I was doing this blindly. I probably did ask the teacher what glue to use, but knowing myself, I probably didn’t think it mattered. Trust me, if I knew then what I know now, I would never have dreamed of using foam glue! But we live and learn, and this wasn’t going to be the only mosaic casualty I made over the next few years. There were going to be loads, which I’ll tell you about in these blogs later.

Anyway, back to the story. I spent a few painful weekends sticking these strips to the chair with the wrong glue. I thought foaming glue was just part of the process! Eventually, I got every piece on and then covered the sides with individual glass tiles, which stick out, making the chair quite dangerous! But only I’ve ever cut myself on it, so no worries; it’s out of harm's way in the corner of my living room. I then grouted it and covered the seat in red velvet. Voila! After around 1.8 years, it was finally finished.

I took loads of pictures of it and showed my nan, who was still in hospital. She absolutely loved it! I was over the moon. Two weeks later, my nana died. I’m so glad she got to see it, is all I can say.

The chair still sits in my flat and is my most prized possession. The odd bit falls off now and again, but I just stick it back on. It does carry a weight limit, which I should have monitored better as I let my friends sit on it. One particular friend sat on it and went straight through it, so it’s no longer a seat, just for show. But I guess that’s just part of its story. Long live the chair!

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