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The one winged fairy!

The 2nd and 3rd mosaics were a disaster. The 2nd one was a gift for my new love, a renowned beer fan! I had the idea to create a few beer bottles next to each other, but it turned out so poorly that I don’t even have a picture of it (yes, that’s how bad it is).

Anyway, the mosaic looked like something a child would make; it truly was awful, lol. I realised later on that you need to keep very small mosaics very basic because you can’t cut tiles too small. This means there aren’t many tiles per subject, which limits the amount of detail you can achieve. I hope this all makes sense. I made the mosaic in my class, and others helped me push in a few last tiles at the end to get it done!

The 3rd disaster of a mosaic I made was supposed to be a female fairy sitting on the moon but ended up looking like a one-winged, non-binary fairy shitting on the moon!

The story goes like this: I found this absolutely amazing mosaic online. It really was stunning, and I envisioned creating it myself. Well... even though it’s about 40cm by 40cm, I still made it too small and couldn’t capture all the detail. The original image must be at least 1 by 1 meter. I also drew it incorrectly and didn’t really think about the background pattern either.

This mosaic was meant for outdoors, so I made it on aluminium and used E6000 glue, both essential for outdoor mosaics. There are other substrates and glues you can use. I just used plain vitreous tiles and shiny ones for the background.

Here’s a picture of it below, along with a link to a picture of what it’s supposed to look like. I’ll leave it there, lol.

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