The Mosaics I Made As Gifts

My mum had been on at me for months to make her a seahorse mosaic. At the time I was in a full time job working a 40 week and had other mosaic projects on the go.

I could only really commit to 3 hours work on making mosaics per week which was minimal and near impossible to make mosaics quickly. So during furlough I decided to make her the seahorse for mothers day.

I finished the seahorse during lockdown and showed her via a zoom call. Mum was over the moon!

My brothers bday was coming up and I wanted to create something unique to him. He loves music and plays the piano fluently so I incorporated both into this design.

Purple and red is also his favourite colours.

This door number here was actually the second mosaic I created, it was a present for my parents and currently resides on their door.

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