The Sun and the Moon Mosaic

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

I'd always loved sun and moon art work so I had already decided on my second project. As I was complete beginner I got some ideas from the internet and made a start. This project was a bit more difficult then the chair as I had to cut the shapes to fit.

It was then I realised how long a mosaic takes to make! Theres a lot of cutting required, a lot of patients and determination.

I remember in particular the eyes on this mosaic took me around 2 hours to make as I just could not cut a circle, I was pretty much a complete beginner I hadn't yet picked up the cutting skills, this would take years or practice I learnt!

My finished piece! Unfortunately this is not for sale either, but I have been requested to make a duplicate by my parents as they loved it so much. The duplicate is not yet complete but I will post when it is done.

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